Thursday, July 11, 2013

We must learn to love the good inside us

I woke up at 3.41 am now and I am typing this post because I feel very deeply that most of us do not see the good talents inside us .

Good , means the nice things to hear ,the worldly acceptable good .The side of us that tells us to do good beautiful things to the already sensitive world.

I saw a program on TV about teenagers doing serious crimes in "India ". I cannot believe that we have such alarming crimes happening every second.

The teenagers allegedly were jealous of their friend and decided to go against her by putting themselves down.

Why do we think so much about others ,when there is so much goodness in us waiting to be seen ,heard by the world.

Its easy to see that we do not love the nice side of us. The talented side,the artist,the poet,the social worker ,the dancer,the writer ,the altruistic lover of  the burdened hurt world.The milk of human kindness boiling inside us and spilling all over wasted , with no one to find it.

I asked myself how much do I hate some people  ?
 Why this anger ? Why this war on my own kind ?

We need to love the philanthropist hiding within us .Liberate that smiling face that is begging to love the world and offer some help !This is what makes us alive and unique, we want to help others, we want to use our talents ,we are humans never can we rest , we are much better than we know about us!

Unleash the tiger of goodness now.