Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bogus Baits

Well I am ranting today but lets enjoy the picture of a red chilli in my garden, a ray of hope that no matter what happens things always brighten up in my garden.

I have to tell about certain people who I meet most times . The heartless  wonders or the bogus baits. They roam like baits and trap innocent victims with smiles and egos , but soon they forget to smile after the initial few days.

A unique batch of people who never have "hearts " to bleed .

Yesterday I was telling my friend about traveling and tours and he gave me a heartless sarcasm . Why is that my friend never wants to travel with me ? He thinks I am inferior to his so called upper class trash mates ! Errrr sorry couldn't find a better word.

Here I am trying to make life beautiful and adventurous and he only wants to spend time with the "KNOWN" friends who he knows for many years.

Should new friends vanish like vapors ?

He trusts and enjoys only old friends or friends who have style or money.

Is style more important than true friends?

My friend is a cheap bogus bait which never works !