Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Collecting plastic bags @ your place.

Hi readers today is a bandh in Kerala . Politics is such a crowded place in India  that no matter where you start cleaning it , you end cleaning more ! That said, we need cleaning in our houses too . Just look at the plastic bags around our houses . So much indeed .

I try to collect all the big small tiny plastic bags of all colors into a large plastic cover so that I don't have to burn it .

 But I do not know what to do of the thicker plastic box , bottles, cosmetics bottle etc. they pile up to hundreds a year and the waste collector buys them for lesser money whenever he comes.

That way i do not burn them too.

But How do we stop the use of plastics ?

Is it possible ?

Plastic takes millions of years to decompose .

So they make up a huge waste hazard.

I don't even know anything about computer and electronic plastic and other wastes.Scary indeed.

How do we recycle them ?