Saturday, July 4, 2015

Why love spreads like wild fire

I have been experiencing love from all directions for the past two weeks. 

Don't know how and why! Why? Why? Why?


So I thought let it last till it lasts!

The sea of kindness must be there somewhere near the lake of tears

When I get to see someone in trouble maybe I will pass that kindness back and the cycle continues with the other person.

Kindness does not require you to be a saint or a king, all you need is to help someone in trouble.

The cycle of karma is quick, it will give you all that and more kindness, I have seen it occur in my life.

Why not let it in your life?

Even on Indiblogger I managed to make some new friends.

Once you give love to one person that person passes it to another person and it is a chain of love reaction.

Here are some kind quotes I found on the net.

Hope you will like reading them.

The above quote by Buddha tells such a great information. Some have great suffering while others too little yet both deserves kindness, simple to say but needs practice to really be kind.

The above quote by George Sand tells us how to give love and kindness. How correct it is! 

So the rest of quotes are all for or you to read and understand each word and don't forget to listen to the song in the end!

I have been listening so many songs of late. So I thought i will share this song with you my dearest friends.

Hope you will feel kind today and for all the days coming.

Hope you like this post friends.:)