Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why learning to maintain a new true friendship is vital to me

I have always failed to maintain good friendships because of difference of opinions, mainly.

The important lesson I learned today is that because your friend has an opposite opinion it doesn't mean you must hate him.

Four steps to take to maintain new friends:
  1. Learn to continue the conversation with our honest opinions
  2. And also respond positively to the good inputs of your friend
  3. Agreeing to certain things
  4. Now we have learnt a new way to speak

In this way we learn the priceless assertive communication.

One moment of impatience can destruct your hard earned friendship of a few years or more. So running away from a friend due to a silly remark or differences is 'absolutely foolish.'

Friendships usually does not live forever, at least in my story.

It is correct in certain situations, because our friends leave us or we lose connection to people when they change.

Therefore, we lose good friends early in life.

However, there comes a time when we get new friends who open new paths and perceptions.

They enrich us with new information about different angles of the same situation.

These new ideas or brain waves might seem terrible or completely irritating but that is what friendship is about, the joy of the knowing different outlooks of people through a relationship.

And since we have the experience of  the older friendships we can use that knowledge to help us maintain the new ones easily.

'Experience can be such a damn good teacher.'

Friends are not pillars but they are a different pair of eyes and a fresh brain that awakens us to new planes that were unknown before.

Good friends seldom come our ways and so to maintain them is that much more crucial.

Maintaining these new friendships are a guarantee to a new direction to life.

Therefore, maintain your new friends and listen to their pains and joys.

Listen, listen because tomorrow when you have a bad day they will listen to you for sure and give you fresh thoughts.