Thursday, July 2, 2015

Let your heart beat freely - its FRIDAY again!

Today is Thursday, and now an evening of red sun sets and mind sets.

Today is yet another day when thousands and millions wait impatiently for a Friday.

Another blissful day that life shall gift to us. Another rainy day of July that promises more fertile soils and minds too!

Is it a day to solve old riddles and puzzles?
Not really!

 A fresh mind and mouth to sing a song with not a care in the mind.
A splash of water from the heavens to bless the land of battles and cries.

A day to forget worries for a while.
A day to relax like a plant in a plastic cover and dream about the flowers of its future.

A day to light a lamp of hope.
A lamp that would destroy ignorance and discrimination.

But today is also the day to let your heart skip a beat or two,
to let it beat freely with no fear or confusion.

To roam in the July air and get your clothes soiled after a game of football with the neighbourhood kids

A brand new vibrant day to remember for the rest of the year.
Dhak Dhak Dhak Dil hi to hai, Dhadakne Do!