Thursday, July 2, 2015

The songs and music in my lifes' background score


What a nice topic to discuss and a pleasure to listen. A reward for the tired weary ears.

There are songs and music that never leave me ever! Haunting me wherever I go, no matter I even run away from them. So many gems, which one would I mention here?

The music of the world is so immense and inspiring that sometimes every song seems the greatest.

From the tribal beats to the melodies to the rock and pop genre all inspire me and play in my background.

Sometimes I feel god is the DJ playing all these songs in my mind whenever I want to jump and dance.

Or sometimes some songs help us relax and enjoy the sparkling- resplendent- zest and beauty of life.

I have absolutely no words about the following wonders of music from all over the world especially from India.

I have more but there is no place in this post.

Here are some of the best of my background playing songs and music.

English Hits

Ace of Base



Malayalam film songs

Vaishaaka Sandhye

Ousappachan Malayalam Hits

Haunting lovable Tamil Film Hits and Music


Illayaraja Songs and BGMs

Raajavin Paarvai Raaniyin Pakkam

Mundram Pirai BGM

Illayaraja BGM

Illayaraja BGMs

Veti Veru Vaasam

aavaram poove

Saami Kitte

Oh Priya

Thoongataha Vizhigal

Priceless ever haunting Hindi Songs

Rangeela re Old Hindi hit

Sau Baar Janam Lenge Hindi

Duniya Banaane Waale Kyaa Tere Man Meh Samaayee

Sheeshaa Ho Ya Dil ho

Kabhi Kuch Pal Jeevan Meh

Kisi Nazar Ko Tera Intezaar Aaj Bhi heh

Jano Jaanam Jaaneman

Muhabat To Karta heh

Ek Ladiki Bheegi Bhaagi

Mere Saaso Ko

Zindagi Pyaar Ka Geet heh

Teheriye Hosh Meh Aah lu

My favorite Songs of all times


Rabindra Sangeet Dibosho Rojoni

Dibosho Rojini

From my brother a great music lover I got many of these collection and especially the one next the most haunting ever

California Dreaming

Yet there are several more lost songs and music to time.

I can only amaze at the variety and infinite power of the human mind and its creative feelings every time I listen to these songs and it's ever enchanting music.

Contigo my friends.