Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Why can't we accept each human as an exclusive 'original'?

The issue of differences, race and species attacks us when we accept each human only as a part of a group.

This is very limiting and inaccurate since we have absolutely failed to see the human as an original and not as a copy or a label or member of a group.

Scientific markings are for studies research and not for everyday living.

Most of our problems to adjust with each other starts from these markings signs and labels.

This is a wrong way since even in animal kingdom each being is an original - an exclusive.

It is fresh but might also be a more effective way to establish relationships with this uniqueness rather than the bugging talks and ordinary commonality.

Commonality seems to be hurtful when it comes to
 deciding about a persons character.

Marina Finely on the crucial need to identify each individual as an exclusive character.

Individuality Originality and Exclusivity is the side that need to be welcomed along with the general signs.

We are now a highly developed specie and no longer need to clear the rules under basics, in order to prove our self worth.

Our self worth should also be allowed to be read from our innate different skills, talents, thoughts and also how we react to situations.

This effective way to study a person is enough to understand the persons first value or meaning the first impression.

Since we rely on general proven signs we avoid the exclusive beauty of an individual and mostly hinder it from further development.

The old way breaks the bond from being created even before we actually get to know the person.

Therefore it is highly important to see  each persons originality first!

He explains how group and herd concept soon turns toxic and how you lose your authentic mind and thoughts.