Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 has kick started off now! Plans? 365 days?

An eventful year with so many events that I could hardly keep count of them.
What happened? Well, I found some new interesting people, who were from my same field of writing and hoping I would create a group for writers.
And, hoping to read all of their blogs one by one taking time and answering to all questions and asking some important questions too.
How was your year?
  • Did you cry anytime?
  • Did you laugh many times?
  • Did you read some life changing quotes or books?
  • Did you watch interesting movies on youtube.
Well, the answer to all the above must be a resounding yes.

2015 was a year that went too fast If I may recall. Ooops!

Therefore lets try some new year resolutions this year for a change.
  • Lets see if some ritual goodness can bring in some happiness to many peoples lives.
  • Let us just try to experiment with life a little bit more!
I saw a movie called 'Jo and the boy' a Malayalam movie yesterday to refresh my mind from thoughts that were clotting my view.
I learnt some important lessons.
  • Try to write everyday.
  • Try to evoke the child inside you every day atleast when you are all alone to complete those unfinished dreams that you have.
  • Try to work on a project for a year and complete it for your own sake.
  • Try to maintain the 'good spirits' every day.
Those were some lessons that were glaring in front of my eyes when I started to watch it!
Let us see how we can work on maintaining that good spirit everyday.
First off, we need a project, yes a crucial project that we religiously attend to no matter what.
Maintain the 'life' of the project throughout 365 days starting from today.
365 days is a lot and you can even build a dream and make it happen.
Say you want to write a book or write everyday or paint some pictures everyday.
You have to find that two hours, where you spend valuable time on your project everyday.
That's the start, from there you string one bead daily to create a chain of work from 365 days.
Wow! it sounds like a movie but you could do it for 2016 and for your own sake.
A resolute action to complete one beautiful year.
''Writing is actually a 'catastrophic ritual' an undying 'angel' seem to nudge all of us to write a little more!''