Tuesday, May 17, 2016

If Tomorrow comes - Sidney Sheldon - Review

Well before you throw me some curved balls please be aware that you are an educated person and you can't simply do this! Come on guys chill! Pill!

I know I couldn't keep up with my New year resolution of a post everyday, ha ha caught you!

Very well, then I am here today to tell about my favorite book ' IF Tomorrow ComES' that I have read some thousand times whenever I need some adventure especially the jail scenes and the situations where the protagonist gets away after looting big expensive items, oops!

Like the name suggests the book deals with tomorrow a time when anything is possible, a time to burn some midnight oil, well it means tomorrow if at all it comes, it brings something moRE!

Nice idea I am going to write a science fiction book based on tomorrow - Tomorrow never diesSS!

Anyway back to our book finally, Tracy Whitney is that protagonist who though dressed plain was actually extremely good looking with angles that could a kill an unprepared observer and put Hollywoods ruling babes to shame. She is also that unlikely naive bank employee who goes from a boring job and equally boring lover to an exciting Indiana Jones like adventures except without the supernatural bits and with reality and the equally interesting LOOT!

Very well the book starts with a thunder and lightning night where a woman in night dress calls her daughter and tells how much she loves Tracy. The dramatic external rains only adds to the internal turmoil. The lady then having heard her beloved child's voice places the receiver down and decides to finish some old business and takes a revolver thinking inside - there is only one way about it - click, BOOM and the life force leaves the lady's body forever.

What else could be of more suspense than this?

Tracy Whitney the bank employee slept that night peacefully not knowing about the horrors that await.

The next morning she finds shocked to receive the telegram from her mothers aide that she is critically ill and Tracy leaves to New Orleans.

Here she is more shocked after learning that her mom is no more and the death was due to a gun shot. A suicide, Tracy couldn't fathom the reason.

She goes on to find the ugly truths behind this tragic outcome and learns that her tomorrows are never going to be the same.

Like a child who lost everything she screams and loses control trying to shoot the man behind the death. Unfortunately she was too naive to think that such a powerful person will leave her unscratched.

More misery is thrown in when Tracy is arrested on false charges of attempted murder and burglary.
She is put in the State Penitentiary for ten years and there three woman rape her on the very first day!

She loses her baby and is put to a confined space, which is nothing but a dark room with no windows  however this is where the distraught naive weak teary eyed woman transforms and rises into a phoenix out from the very ashes that burnt her dreams.

This turn proves that even if your dreams end you can always build new ones! Cool!

She decides that enough is enough and masters mind and body control to defeat the world that threw her mother and her into hell.

Revenge, was the only word that made sense to her now. Revenge that word stood in front staring at her like a black monster waiting to occupy her soul.

The three woman help Tracy out of pity and also to seek forgiveness for their sin. Tracy now learns the tricks of the prison from Ernestine Littlechap the huge lady among the three and escapes from the dike who tries to harm her now and then.

She gets a job as a day care keeper for a girl named Amy who happens to be the wardens daughter. One day when Tracy plans a mind blowing escape from the prison she is also faced with the accident when wardens daughter is drowning in a lake, she needs to decide quickly.

Little did she know that tomorrow she would find herself unconscious, that she would be even more happy to find Amy is saved from deaths' clutches and that made Tracy an overnight sensation all around the world. All news channel aired about 'Prison lady saves little girl from death.' The state decides to pardon her crime and Tracy and Ernestine leave the prison for good.

Now here Tracy plans more schemes to fight her moms murderers and she does it with absolutely no mercy. Ernestine and her boyfriend help Tracy to plot and finish the game of the mafia gang that was notorious all over New Orleans. One by one their games and lives fall with the well designed  revenge of Tracy.

But after everything Tracy never manages find a job as an ex convict. She loses jobs and ultimately lands at the hands of a man who eventually transforms her into the princess of night burglary or the Robin Hoodess of the modern world.

Her first assignment was to loot some precious gems from a rich Bellamy womans house or castle.
Comedy aides her here and there when Tracy gets away from real and unreal police officers. What follows is the story of the duchess of darkness who hunts the riches of horrible people and gets a handsome commission for her brave schemes and amazing make up. She cons the entire Europe with numerous false names that the police pull their hair out not able to understand where such a group of female robbers could hide and get away easily from their nets.

In this exciting journey of burglary she finds another Robin Hood who is smitten by her ravishing looks and together the write a legacy of stealing and escaping from the most dangerous events. The end and other sugar spice surprises are for you to find and explore inside this lovely book.

She did go through one horrific night trying to make through it but then she is also transported to a tomorrow that seems far more hopeful.

Best scenes are the one where she manages to replace a box of gems with similar looking box while fighting a nerve racking fever and loss of consciousness all inside a dark and bad landing cargo plane.

Another one would be the escape from a hungry big dog and laser rays  that when touched blows the most deafening alarm that one could imagine.

Yes look away if you are the pious onion cutting teary eyed do gooder who will never STEAL!

Yes this is not for you, this book depicts all the means by which you can become a well experienced burglar or the robin hood who does charity to selected friends ONLY!

But if you still want to learn some old burglars tricks which I am sorry in todays technology cannot be used unfortunately, then do read along.

Well otherwise all the thieves, burglars and would be thieves will definitely find this a great read.

Haven't you ever had itchy hands when inside a big Foreign Bank? If you love the password finding sweating last minute tension before the police arrives, this is definitely your story. Ooops!

What did you feel while reading this famous novel, do give me suggestions and comments about this review and also give me more good book information that could translate into future reviews!

Word of the day is Overmorrow, oops I get these word helper messages.

Overmorrow means the day after tomorrow if I am right, if not correct me people!

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