Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Take You to the Mauve HAVEN

Before reading a small prelude to this post.Why I thought songs can lift us to another realm of pure magic .

When I went scared and sat on my Grandfather's lap for escaping my child blues Grandfather (Miss him :( our own papa jack ) used to sing a golden olden song in a deep but clear and smooth baritone(all our grandfathers SONG)which went like   ~~~~~~And you row >>>>>>>>>>merrily merrily & >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>merrily merrily life is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>but a >>>>>>>>>>>>> dream.~~~~~~~"


Dearest mates pals friends chums buddies babans & babas lets Go!

Where the music never stops at the pinkish purplish places.

~~~~~~Fantasy is a dream of thoughts with wide open eyes ,when we think about blissful times in babyish but glorious  sunny and colorful  in days and wintery snow flakes shimmering and falling on our windows in nights ,rowing on the "me" river with moon beams glistening and enticing the darkish waters ,with an angel with mermaid like deep set wide eyes staring with feverish love and innocence and speaks French.~~~~~~

I believe Fantasies have the power to clean our cluttered  brains and remove its clay particles and we be free from the black heads inside our brains.

Our haven our home inside our nubile brain.

Lets go!~~~~~~~~~~Sailing with the night trip ticket to the Mauve Haven in ur room.

I am taking you to that Mauve lights where you listen to your green day , rock or pop or ghazal or carnatic music or your coke studio music from Sampath or any of YouR favourite DJ.

And you dip deeper into the Mauve lights flashing easily on your face and you dance like mad to release all your blues.

Let go !Let go! the Mauve members and dancers and DJs shout.Dance away your worries.

 Forget all your bads and enjoy your GooD.

Sing again

Play it one more time Baby!

Kisi Ka Dil Machalta Hai """"""""Yeh Manzar Dekhkar Jaana Chale AAna Zaraa Tehro~~~~~~

Tehariye Hosh Meh AAloon"""""""""""" Toh Chale Jaayiyega"""""""Aap ke Dil meh bita loon Toh Chale Jaayiyegaa~~~~~~~~

Eh Mere Hum safar Ek Zara Intazaar"""""""""Sun Sadaayen Deh Rahi heh Manzil Pyar ki~~~~~~~

Sing it and dance with your hair down shaking .

La Isla Bonita """""and when the sun goes down""""This is where I want to go La isla Bonita~~~~~~~




Sing with me...."I am having a me party."