Thursday, September 5, 2013

GLUG GLUG your heart says something LISTEN!

Listen, my chums my readers, everyone, absolutely everybody!'

'Listen, I have some important information.'

'Do you know what your heart says every second or every micro second?'

It is giving you happiness its beating for you it loves you.

Sounds like a trip to narcissism so let be its not harmful all I am asking  you is for heaven sake be happy every second!

'C, mon you can't simply be sad.'

Do you know you are the most adorable person , special person on this planet because you are reading this post of a bright writer who wants so much changes so much goodness for you !

Yes GLUG GLUG GLUG you heart is beating fast it wants you to be happy every second its hopeful watchful hardworking every second it loves you!

Remember be happy every second let all the sadness vanish away from now.

You are the most brightest star
you are born of a star
remember we are all
the particles of a star rock
we are the star kids.

ha ha look at my starry poem !

Yes we are the kids of a gigantic star which exploded and gave rise to the planets and inside us is the particles of that star.

Our big Mama Papa Star which was the KING of all the Universes .

So you and we my friends we are from the star we are alive we can go anywhere so lets go!

Lets go where we want to go!

GLUG GLUG GLUG the star particle inside beats and beats for you to remind you of the great STAR we were once !