Wednesday, September 4, 2013

sudden view from a time machine

According to the great Scientist Mr.Stephen Hawking, logically we humans cannot travel back in time ,because it would kill the time machine or the time portal by radiation from the past sitting between length breadth and height and the third dimension time.

But I want to be positive here and want to believe we can at least watch what happened before us through a crystal ball or a television screen .

Imagine the view......"A lonely traveler dressed in white robes jumps off from a weary horse back ,and walks through the narrow path of stairs to meet the eyes he trusted so much."

We see "The huge yellow lamps burning furiously to show him the way up."

Then here "The cracked rock walls cry out the pain of its wars and loves ."

The Mourning Maids  signal dark hours to come.

There is no welcome but faces bowed down and tears flowing effortlessly in bright young faces.

And the weary traveler dusts off the crimson dirt from his robes before entering the huge chamber of the queen.

A princess lies in her bed with green lamps burning around it.

The maid is anointing balm on the princesses feet and one decorated the most prettiest and deep fragrant  Rajini Gandhas on the black clouds like hair.

"You have been late" cries the queen from the room adjacent .

"She waited a thousand nights to get a glimpse of you ."

"Oh my god!" cries the traveler with his beating heart and begs the princess to wake up .

But there she lay with no expression and the traveler kissed the cold eyes of the beauty.

What secrets lies back in time ?What was it like to be in past?Why did the traveler come back?What made him so late?

And the traveler walks back slowly through the steps carrying his sleeping princess in his arms and promises the queen that he will get the princesses health back.

The drums beat and the guards  close the giant gates and the black war horse gallops with the traveler and the princess .

I am hoping the princess recovers because I love sweet endings.