Thursday, August 29, 2013

The wide calm utopian space of less

My friends do you know how much times I have longed for the less?

Less to me is everything !

I want the little life of a fisherman with his little wife and little kid .

Back in the last bench ,of a thatched roof , criss-cross bamboo walled , first grade classroom , a child listening wide eyed to my crisp cotton ironed sareed Mrs.Vimala Robert , describing a cute tale of fishermen and the waiting wives with fish in baskets and conch shell playing kids in bright happy colored dress .

I long for the sea and the boat and the oar and the energetic "Eyelasa" when the boat is pushed towards the gigantic waves with ease and merry.

But here we are with so much sounds ,so much sex ,so much food , so much clothes ,so much money .Where is "LESS"?

Less my needs .Less  from distraction ,less  from jealousy ,less  from  enemy ,less  from more.

Why is "more " eating our lives?

Close your eyes imagine you are in Utopian sands caressing your worn-out-from-pedicure toes, feel the sea breeze nourishing and giving love to your soul and allowing dreams to be possible since less dreams allow better dreams.

Cry out to your friends and sail the seas on an old yatch  discover new lands and collect the little cheap stones on the shore .

When are we going to appreciate the less?

Less is good and un-complicated .

The clean wide sea calling you in a deep voice and telling you life is great life is merry life is super!

Don't give up my friend never ,less will come ,dream on,wait and hope on!