Thursday, August 29, 2013

The long running success of beauty or sweet indulgence of pretty faces .

Well  today Beauty sells and  is counted just like it was in yesterdays India.

 Only thing it has become more deep  deeper into our wet staring lusty eyes and hungry blood.

Is it possible to de-throne beauty once for all?(Ouch okay i understand!huh)

Just few days back I lost another job to young and beautiful people who were more wanted and liked by hungry people.

How long will I suffer due to the demand for beauty or rather lack of it?

I feel its rather cold of people to refuse jobs to an ugly person like me.

What should I do ? Fall off or jump off(with parachutes) from a high cliff ? (Suggested by online heroes )

Well I am not intending to give up on myself yet!(Got it you......,......,......)

BTW, the under lying need for beauty seems to be the constant search for the disgusting sex!(closing eyes )

I do not understand why living creatures have to equate every bloody thing in life and earth to sex ?(Angry)

What does the creature gain by creating new copies of itself on earth ,which I have understood is the possible outcome of sex ?(Old age help?Is it? huh please gimme a break)

Why do we show in TV serials all the fat people running crazy for thinner younger beauties?(Or was it me running behind........never mind a little bit of lies is not bitter,right?)

Everything from business , art ,films , jobs, friendship (errrr ...hmmm who did ever say beauty lies in the eyes of well ...? )(sneezing due to over temper) ...seems to live and multiply by beauty!

If only sex was not required to multiply ,if only multiplication was never needed ,if only copies are not valued  for old age ...then beauty will never be in fashion.

Some rebels like me even connect beauty based discrimination to racism .

Look at the alarming number of people rejected every second in India based on looks! 

But beauty exists stubbornly Oh! (cant live without ot ,u see !)............and that too here , my friends here even in here(hope u understood) ...and very much alive .in India , thanks to the beautiful faces,they are multiplying ,thanks to the hungry genes and younger hormones walking around hungrily with saliva oozing from its open lips . (crying due to tempers and peppers )

In meantime I gave some fish left overs to a Tom Cat in the balcony , who was very regal and proud and slow and  ate it like a king and walked or rather glided and then lay stretching on the dry white surface .Just when I was beginning to feel good and I thought ,that thank God some things never change and there are pets to are rescue and went to get more fish,there that very moment ,I stopped , came back and studied the feline and I become furious.Why?The damn black and white cuddly pet was beautiful .(Oh  hoh !Tring Ding ,bells rang ,my eyebrows raised and smiling artificially I slowly accepted my defeat )

All the beautiful flowers ,all pretty pets , all pretty cars , all pretty microbes Oh ...its everywhere ,cant seem to stop it with my nets and bombs .....and its multiplying (Noooooo!)hungrily in damp hot rains .( to join .....well ...errrr,not a bad idea but ..  Nahi.....Never .....Oh no one saw me ,thank god.)

Good heavens ,,huh is beauty my enemy or rather the lack of it ?(That done it!)