Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What is the use of an artificial friend ?

Have you often wondered how artificiality enters your life? Its not the sweet smiles used to overcome social gatherings that I am referring to .

Here the villain I am describing is your friend who is a foe inside.
How does one identify the wolf in the sheep's clothing?

Some great advisers say that we need friends who create problems for us and give us some thing to run behind every time we start sitting on the laurels of sudden bliss.

Might be true, but again problems become new paths and success only by luck and some great people say luck is only hard work.

So there are uses of artificial friends after all. I feel so funny thinking that in the bottom of it all, artificial friends use all their wits just so that we get a blessing in disguise of a curse,while they actually wanted it the other way round.

Lesson " all back stabs are not to be seen dangerous and far from it they have to be cuddled and smooched upon."One never knows how!

The popular Hindi Film song pictured on the legendary Smitha Patil about Friendship , sings that Friend has done such a deed that even an enemy never dares to do , my friend  has given me sadness for a lifetime. It seems possible !

Well if you have the heart and brains to get up from such a deed of a misguided foolish  foe who was in a friends form ,then you have completely un-served the purpose of this friend-foes hard work.

Hoping everyone finds out the foe who is around you like your friend and blow the horn before getting free from such time wasters and fools.