Thursday, June 5, 2014

My whole day shines due to my Able Slender Ultra Stylish and Ultra Mobile friend

I wake up in the morning listening to classic music from the ultramobile Asus T100. Followed by my yoga, breakfast and the green tea.

Then when I shower I listen to pop music from the ultramobile as the day breaks and makes me want to believe that I shall win this day too with my ASUS T100.

I dress up and hop on to the car and plan my work for the day ahead all on my ASUS that runs on Windows 8.1!

Then I reach my work place and start madly typing at the 19mm keyboard to complete my tasks of writing technology posts on time with the soft buttons.


After that I discuss all my posts to my boss who seems pretty happy with all the speedy and efficient work from the 1.3GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3740 CPU. 

Super fast laptop tablet convertible ASUS makes everyones heavy laptops dead slow at work place. My boss keeps thinking how on earth I keep carrying all the files easily thanks to the 32 GB ram of the ASUS.

I use the net and transfer files effortlessly using the 4.0 bluetooth. Everything in my ASUS is like a sweet day dream.

I have my lunch at the local restaurant listening to my mid day music on the ASUS and taking pictures of my friend on the 1.2 mega pixel camera.

Further in the afternoon I finish my pending posts and transfer files to my colleagues PC through the 3.0 USB port.


Soon by 6 pm I finish my work and get out of my work place with the 10 inch ASUS tablet on my shoulder.
Laptop in the day tablet by night.

Then I play my favorite music on the ASUS tablet as I keep traveling back home with a peaceful evening mind.


I click some more pictures of the evening scenes.

I browse my favorite websites and reply to all my days mail back at home. Not to forget to play all my favorite games with the  help of the intel Gen7 graphics in the ASUS laptop.

Finally I put on the music and listen to some meditative music to feel content about the whole days journey with the ASUS T100.

I snuggle with the sleek and stylish ASUS with the soft touch rubber cover warmly by my side. 

I spent only rupees 32999 to find this kind of peace to find a friend who never leaves me alone or sad.

I sleep in absolute bliss with no care or fear. My friend my ASUS T100 sleeping right beside me makes my world more interesting!