Sunday, September 4, 2016

Why I must wear a mask

For the past few days I have started wearing a mask of a new personality.
Because people especially women verbally abuse me about my low voice and child like mannerisms.

I am becoming another person.
If I have to survive in India I must wear this mask.

Nowadays the most easily available mask is 'Jason Vorhees chainsaw massacres mask.' 

Esparta published on Flickr - Jason where are you? and Wikimedia


We speak so many great things about Indian women, and I have seen their larger majority's hitherto unknown hatred towards innocent or 'the nice guy.'

Who has always been vanishing from the world because he is not wanted here.
They love the slightly selfish and naughty 'old jokes expert' bad guy.

The one who verbally abuses people.
Oh they love him.

I am past my dating age and people think I must be like others, wearing a mask even when I sleep.
Live but live like a corpse.

Ha ha. 


But there are women who never complained to me about my behavior. 

Some women also took the pen to fight the mask.

Nanditha K.S. a poetess who took her own life on a lonely cold merciless night.

The poetess informed her mom that she will get a phone call by 12.AM and 
when her mom woke up at midnight, she found the poetess hanging by a sari in the railings of the staircase.

This happened in 1999.

Now the poems of this poetess is all over the internet going viral.

I will write another post about the great writer and the poems.

What strength and what power in those words, that gives us an alarm bell, a wake up call from the world of masks.

The poetess hated her own mask.

But there are more women who hate me than any other group of people.
I don't hate them back,  but I just let go, and concentrate on my job.
Doing ones job in full concentration is considered bad especially if you are not manager or the CEO.

How sad.

Sometimes I laugh thinking about the masks men and women wear to please the world.
We need to be something which we are not and live some ones life.
Especially in India.
Ha ha.
Anyway I am first time attacking the bigger majority of women who have always hated me, and I don't hate them, but I feel they don't exist.
Since that's the only way I can live or else I would become another misogynistic person.
Well, would you wear mask if women call you names?
Why is there no law to fight verbal abuse from others?
Why are nice guy men defenseless against verbal abuse at work place?
So many questions.
I feel I must run away far away far away from these women, and live like spider on top of a hill.
I hope god gives me that life possibly.
Bye for now.
Keep smiling and be good to one another.
Don't verbally abuse people, for you might be wrecking your karmic balance.