Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whats cooking in the garden

These garlics are so stubborn ,I never knew i could plant garlic and get sprouts!omg!

I am planning to use the sprouts for some salads.

Please do share your gardening tips and photos with me.

Try it it is real good.But you must water them everyday if you are in India, thats where I stay.

Onions are quiet hard to grow here.I tried only the sprouts are fine the bulb vanishes thanks to pests that come from nowhere .

You can see the smaller onions(he sprouts are more in number compared to the garlics in the same pot above!

Look at the potatoes sprouts, they are fine for now,very soft and tender ,fingers cross.

Gerbera Daisy below is very sensitive ,water thrice everyday planning to get new ones.I shall upload the older snaps of its bloom.