Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Clouds Floating


I Dont know what will be there if there was no white colour.Its sad its associated with race and skin.For me its the colour of clarity.
Its so very comforting.
Now you must forget the hospital sheets.
I am talkin about the clouds ,the milk,
the pebbles,
the white horses, the white hair,
its very warm(steam) and cold(snow) ,its different, and its neither feminine or masculine it belongs to nature.
Its a colour which evokes innocence.
I dont know about others but I love it .
I wish I could paint all the walls white and blue to compliment it with delicate patterns.
I also like flowers in white colour with other pleasing shades.
Black and white photographs WOW what a different level it takes us to.
I love to wear white too.Its a personal space which the innocent white gives me.......