Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ten Most rare and innocent White flowers

White electrifies our gaze with nobility, innocence, honesty and inner integrity. White tone echoes the lost innocence of childhood. Yet, these pretty blossoms glitter with glee.
  1. White Lupines-This flower belongs to a genus of flowering plants from Fabaceae, the legume family. The genus contains over 200 species, with main habitats in North and South America. Fewer habitats also are seen in North Africa and the Mediterranean. Seeds of many species of lupins have been known as food before 3000 years near the Mediterranean and even before 6000 years in the Andean highland. Unfortunately, they don't enjoy the same royalty as soybeans, dry peas, and other pulses. 'White Lupines stand like torchlights in a garden of hope.'
  2. The Snake Gourd Flower-The snake gourd belongs to the gourd vine family suited to subtropical and tropical growing wildly as thick bushes in the borders of forests and clearings of Korea, India, China and southeast Asia. Though it resembles cucumber due to the long stem, the design, and reach of the leaves. The different aspect is that it produces amazing white flowers containing stunning and delicate filaments. 'White Gourd you stand guard to protect our fairy tales.'

  3. Helichrysum bracteatum ‘Double White’-These flowers like the Spring season to late Fall on this TALL (to 4’ tall by 3’ wide) & strong  Strawflower that creates a multitude of startling, 3 inches long, geometric blossoms. Two rows of white sharp petals emerge from intoxicating, sunny golden-yellow centers. You may even dry some to save them for quite a long time.'Double white you double the power of inner beauty.'
  4. Aquilegia 'Munstead White'-This flower contains sculptural, tiered blossoms of noble greenish-white tinge. It likes to shine outwards from the light shade. 'Munstead White you shine to release knowledge.'
  5. The attractive whites are classic cottage garden flowers which blossom from spring to beginning of summer, with the flowers dancing pretty hooped skirt.'White dancers who dance away their pain to bring joy.'
  6. Grass of Parnassus-this rare flower is actually a grass, instead of using its common name from the translucent green stripes that adorn the white petals of this cup-shaped flower. There was a time it was commonly found, yet now the plant is confined to wet marshes, moors, and pastures, predominantly in the northern UK, et they are seen in the Norfolk fens and Broads and also in localized bushes in the south. It blossoms from June to September. Grass of hope you stand tall like a prince from the land of Zen hopes.'
  7. The white-flowered type from Justicia carnea, the plume flower from Brazil. Picture from www.gardendrum.com. 'White Chandeliers you lead us to victory.'
  8. White Powderpuff-white Calliandra haematocephala Alba - 
    This is quite a rare white powder-puff. It is a huge bushy shrub creating sexy white flowers from spring to summer. The plant is usually cold hardy. fast producing. Picture from www.toptropicals.com.' Powder puff or power puff your radiance emit stunning vibrancy.'
  9. Bear Grass Flower-Xerophyllum tenax- The white flowers have light aroma and bud from a tall stalk that bolts from the base. When they bloom they are closely packed at the end of the stalk like a standing club. The plant is seen usually in western North America from British Columbia south to California and east to Wyoming, in subalpine meadows and coastal mountains, and also on the bottom grounds in the California coastal fog belt and towards the far south as Monterey County. It is natural in the northern Sierra Nevada, Rockies, Cascades and on the Olympic Peninsula. 'Delicate yet strong you prove innocence has rightfully born.'
  10.  Snow Queen Protea; Protea is both the botanical name and the English common name of a genus of South African flowering plants, sometimes also called sugarbushes. In local tradition, the Protea flower represents change and hope. 'Snow Queen of the greatest hope.'

  11. Wijaya kusuma - Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Dutchman's pipe cactus or queen of the night[citation needed]) is a species of cactus and one of the most cultivated species in the genus. E. oxypetalum blooms rarely and only at night, and its flowers wilt before dawn. Though it is sometimes referred to as a night blooming cereusThere are several stories about the flower known as bunga wijaya kusuma in Indonesia (bunga refers to flower). It is said that the old kings (in Indonesia, that is) who were about to be crowned must pluck this flower while in full bloom. It is also said that those who see this flower in full bloom will have good luck. Well, that’s nice, isn’t it? 'Queen of all Nights you give us eternal luck.'
  12. White Camilia- Camellia is a broadleaf woody plant native to South Eastern Asia, Bhutan, Japan and China. The name Camellia honors the Jesuit priest George. Picture from www.livedan330.com. 'Camilia you bring delicate contentment to the seeker'
  13. White Egret orchid-Pecteilis radiata is a rare species of orchid seen Russia, Japan, Korean and China. It is usually called as the White Egret Flower, Fringed Orchid or Sagiso. Picture-www.orchidflowers.wordpress.com 'May the White Egret bring you new life.'